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Experience the premium touch of Kaplan's Premium Rosin by D’Addario, meticulously formulated to ensure your bow hair stays in optimal condition. This high-quality rosin boasts a low-dust application, ensuring a clean and easy use. Safeguarded in a modern and elegant jewel case, your rosin remains protected from dirt and airborne contaminants, keeping it pristine for every application. The case also features a rotational platform for even rosin distribution, preventing undesirable caking that could impair your bow's performance.

Crafted exclusively with natural ingredients, this rosin is expertly poured and packaged in New York, and comes in both light and dark varieties to suit your specific needs. At Sweetwater, we're always seeking products that prioritize performance and convenience for string players, and D’Addario's Kaplan Premium Rosin exceeds expectations! Explore the superior playability and immaculate sound quality that this rosin offers.

Premium Rosin



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