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  • Specially Engineered Fixed Tilt – The unique computer-modeled design of the EVEREST shoulder rest raises the violin to an ergonomically correct and comfortable playing angle. Teachers, students, and professionals praised this innovative and distinctive design: teachers love the way it trains correct playing angles, while students and professionals love comfort, durability, and style.
  • Adjustable – Unscrew grippers and select alternate positions for best fit to the instrument.
  • Simple and Virtually Unbreakable – The one-piece body integrated with adjustable leg height means NO angle brackets or swivel mechanisms to break and NO thumb knobs to misplace.
  • The EVEREST Shoulder Rest is made of a strong, high-grade ABS material that provides strength and flexibility, unlike the inexpensive polypropylene plastic that other shoulder rest manufacturers use.

Everest Shoulder Rests



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