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Preguntas frecuentes

  • What Instruments do you have available for rent?
    We have instruments in all categories of Band and Orchestra instruments: STRINGS Violin - sizes from "1/16" up to "4/4" Viola - sizes from "11" up to "16.5" Cello - sizes from "1/10" up to "4/4" Acoustic Bass - sizes from "1/8" up to "3/4" BRASS Trumpet Trombone Baritone Horn (small and full sizes) French Horn (single and doubles) WOODWIND Flute Piccolo Clarinet Bass Clarinet Oboe Saxophone (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone) PERCUSSION Bell Kit Drum Kit (snare drum) Combo Bell-Drum Kit
  • How long can I rent for?
    As long as you want! We offer rates in monthly increments.
  • How much does it cost to rent an instrument?
    Instrument rental pricing is determined by the instrument group: Group A - $20.00/month* Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Trombone, Bell Kit, Drum Kit, Combo Bell-Drum kit, Violin, Viola Group B - $35.00/month* Oboe, Piccolo, Saxophone (Alto), Cello Group C - $55.00/month* Baritone Horn, French Horn (single), Saxophone (Tenor), Acoustic Bass Group D - $95.00/month* French Horn (double), Bass Clarinet, Saxophone (Baritone), Bassoon *sales tax will be added to rental payments
  • Where can I go to rent an instrument?
    We have affiliates conveniently located throughout in Fairfield County and Westchester Counties: Click here to see which one is closest to you!
  • What is Rental Assurance?
    UPDATED FOR 2018-19 For an additional $7.00 per month (not included in the monthly rental payment), we offer a waiver of liability for you in case you damage your rental instrument. You will not be liable for the cost of your instrument, nor for any repair costs or deductibles. However, you WILL be liable for any replacement parts or accessories that came with your instrument that are deemed irreparable or are no longer present. See the following question.
  • What if I lose something that came with the instrument?
    Rental instruments sometimes come with disposable and/or non-disposable accessories. Non-disposable accessories MUST be returned. Otherwise, you will be charged for their replacement cost - even if you opted into the Rental Assurance. Here is a list of items that you may or may not be charged for: Non-Disposable (MUST BE RETURNED ALONG WITH YOUR INSTRUMENT): STRINGS - Bow, Bridge, Strings, Tuning Pegs, Tail Piece, End Pins BRASS - Mouthpieces, Slides WOODWINDS - Mouthpieces, Ligatures, Mouthpiece Caps, Cork, End Caps PERCUSSION - (Everything that came with your rental must be returned) Disposable (not required to be returned): STRINGS - Rosin BRASS - Valve Oil, Slide Oil, Slide Grease, Polish Cloths WOODWINDS - Reeds, Cork Grease, Cleaning Swabs Other optional accessories that you purchased at the time of your rental, such as books, music stands, extra reeds, shoulder rests, extra rosin, etc., do NOT have to be returned. You bought them, so they're yours!
  • What if I destroy my instrument?
    If you elected the Rental Assurance option for that instrument, you're covered! You won't have to pay ANYTHING. Just bring it in and we'll replace it with a different rental instrument.
  • Can I purchase the Rental Assurance after I've left the store?
    Yes! However, we would need to physically inspect your rental instrument to make sure damage has not already been done to it. Therefore, a second trip to the music store will be necessary. This is why we strongly urge customers to make the purchase at time of rental.
  • How long is my Rental Assurance valid for?
    Rental Assurance is valid as long as your account is current. Any lapses in payments may result in lapses of coverage. It is non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be pro-rated. We reserve the right to terminate coverage under excessive loss conditions, or if no Rental Assurance payment has been made for over 30 days.
  • Can I change instrument brands while I am renting?
    Yes! Depending on availability, we will try our best to exchange your instrument to a brand of your choosing.
  • Can I change instrument types while I am renting?
    Yes! An instrument type can be changed at anytime (provided the account is up to date). Also, depending on what new instrument you want to switch to, there may be an increase in monthly rental fee.
  • If my instrument needs maintenance, can I bring it anywhere to get it fixed?
    No. All repair work must be done by one of OUR approved technicians.
  • Are lost/broken strings covered under my rental contract or under the Rental Assurance?
    No. Strings are not covered, even with the Rental Assurance.
  • Are lost/broken bows covered under my rental contract or under the Rental Assurance?
    Yes, but only with the Rental Assurance.
  • "My bow doesn't work!" or "I can't get my instrument to make any sound using the bow."
    Make sure the bow hair is tight (but not too tight!), and rub a sufficient amount of rosin on the bow hair to have the bow hair stick to the strings and create sound. Bows will not produce sound without enough rosin.
  • My instrument's case broke, am I responsible for its replacement?
    Normal wear and tear is acceptable. Worn material edges, loose handles, broken zipper pulls, bow retainers and inner pocket doors do come loose or break from time to time and are generally not something to worry about. However, If your instrument's case has been abused (e.g. crushed by the car, stepped or sat on, submerged), you are liable for the cost of the case.
  • What is the purchase price of my instrument?
    The purchase price of your instrument is equal to the Retail Price of that instrument. For this info, give us a call, we're always happy to help!
  • How much of my rental payments may be applied toward purchasing an instrument?
    If you rented PRIOR to July 15th, 2019: 100% of your monthly RENTAL payment applies toward the purchase of your rental. For example, if you are paying $20/month for a violin, you are accumulating $20/month toward the purchase price of your instrument. However, taxes and rental assurance payments do not count. If you rented AFTER July 15th, 2019: None of your payments are being applied to an instrument's purchase. We made this change for several reasons, but if you would like to purchase an instrument from us, we are now able to offer much more competitive rates - sometimes up to 40-50% off of retail!
  • Can I purchase a new instrument with my rental equity?
    Yes, but only if the instrument you are currently renting was NOT new when you received it!
  • Can I purchase an intermediate-level instrument with my rental equity?
    Yes and 100% of your rental equity will be applied!
  • How am I billed?
    We ONLY ACCEPT credit/debit cards. We require that you supply us with a valid credit card (VISA, MC, Discover, or AMEX) to be charged automatically on the 1 month anniversary date that your rental began. We do NOT accept other forms of payment, such as cash and check. In our experience, these alternative methods of payment generally caused delays in the billing process or the absence of a paper trail and frustration for customers.
  • What EXACT day will I be billed?
    Your monthly billing date will be the same day of the month as the day you began your rental. So if you started renting on January 15th, you'll be billed on the 15th of every month. *Please keep in mind that these are the dates WE process payments from OUR END. Depending on your card and/or bank, you may see your rental payment be processed 1-3 days later.
  • If a rental is returned after its monthly bill date, can I receive a refund or credit?
    You can avoid being billed for the following month if you return before your next billing date. However, we allow a 10-day grace period in case something comes up and you can't return it on time for whatever reason. For example, if your next payment is due on the 1st, you have until the 10th to return the instrument and get your money back.
  • What happens if I fall behind on my monthly payments?
    You can avoid being billed for the following month if you return before your next billing date. However, we allow a 10-day grace period inc are something comes up and you can't return it on time for whatever reason. For example, if your next payment is due on the 1st, you have until the 10th to return the instrument and get your money back.
  • Why do you want my e-mail address?
    Our primary form of communication with you will be through email. Any emails you receive from "admin@aaabandrentals" MUST NOT be blocked, automatically sent to spam/junk folders, or unsubscribed from. We won't ever send promotional or spammy emails from this address.
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