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Introducing the KORG TM-60: Your All-In-One Tuning and Timing Solution! 🎵

Honing your craft requires the right tools. With the KORG TM-60 tuner metronome, both budding and seasoned musicians will find a companion that guarantees pitch-perfect tunes and rhythmic precision.

Why Choose TM-60?

Dual Functionality: Combines chromatic tuning (A0-C8 range) and metronome (30-252 bpm) in one sleek unit. Suitable for a myriad of instruments, including guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele.

User-Friendly Display: A rotating backlit LCD provides instant feedback, viewable from any angle.

Smart Features: From memory backup that recalls your last settings to an auto power-off to save those two AAA batteries (included) – TM-60 has got your back!

Compact Design: Easily slip it into your gig bag, and you’re ready to roll. Plus, it comes with a protective soft case.

Ear Training: Unique Sound Out and Sound Back modes to sharpen your listening skills.


  • Adjustable calibration to sync with concert pitches.
  • Major and minor third interval marks for harmonious tuning.
  • A variety of rhythm patterns and an intuitive tap tempo function.

    The TM-60 isn't just an accessory; it's an essential. Elevate your musical journey today.

    Order now!

Metronome / Tuner Combo

SKU: TM-60


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