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The Yamaha YTS-62III tenor saxophone is the result of more than five decades of commitment to the professional saxophonist. The YTS-62III’s roots are in the YTS-61, introduced in 1969 as part of Yamaha’s bold entry into manufacturing top-quality wind instruments. The YTS-62III’s more direct ancestor, the YTS-62, was brought to market in 1978. It has been a favorite of educators, students, and professional musicians ever since. 

The YTS-62 has seen more than forty years of market testing, and the YTS-62III reflects all of Yamaha’s woodwind expertise. It is the benchmark of sound, response, intonation, and reliability in a professional-quality tenor saxophone. Classical, jazz, rock, pop, funk, and more can all be found inside this wonderful horn. It feels good, looks good, sounds good, and is attractively priced.


Design and construction elements

One of the best-made tenors available, the YTS-62III features fully ribbed construction, yet its weight is comfortable and well balanced. It is hand-adjusted, and the two-piece bell, body, and neck are all hand-hammered to shape. Its new engraving design is also done by hand, instilling uniqueness into each instrument. Multiple key posts are integrated into a single plate, which lends the horn moderate resistance while delivering a solid core with deep tone color. Hard steel springs offer a fast, sensitive key response. It has a Front F key along with a high F# key and an adjustable thumb rest.


New Features of the YTS-62III

The world saxophone community has had its hands on the YTS-62III since 2013, and the response is all positive. If you hear a saxophonist talking about “the new 62,” this is the one. The YTS-62III also features a redesigned B-C# connection that allows for more precise key adjustments. A newly designed case offers lightweight but protective transportation. It also has an outside pocket, backpack straps, and a shoulder strap for portability.

Comes with a quality Yamaha mouthpiece and care products.


Yamaha YTS-62III



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